E-docTEK is a performance improvement firm that specializes in electronic content automation technologies. The company was founded in 1999 to answer the need for independent, innovative process redesign and emerging document automation technology expertise. E-docTEK offers senior level professionals with document automation based process, technical, financial, and project management backgrounds.

Our ever-changing world puts strong demands on businesses, requiring easier and faster access to information and more efficient business processes. Experienced staff applying our results-driven approach make e-docTEK the partner to have when you want to improve operations and assess document and forms based technology needs.

Starting with where you are today, and identifying what you want to achieve, we create a document automation solution to get you there. Your team's knowledge of the how and why of your operations and our experience in realigning operations will remove unnecessary steps and add document automation where it results in effective processes. 

Our approach is built on the idea that business performance is a result of process, people, and technology. Satisfying today's business world requires a practical strategy, an understanding of trends, and insight into your organization's priorities. By balancing these challenges, we help you creatively maximize your budget and performance.










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